Monday, September 10, 2012

Takes A Licking but She Keeps On Ticking...Summer Jae

As I sit here with one eye open fighting sleep...enjoying the melody that continue's to haunt my spirit to record...I write...and as I write I'm realizing that this blog is therapeutic and necessary...It's a way to express and show the details of my life and ministry...So Im hoping you enjoy my blog just as much as I do writing it :) I want to encourage you to sign up for my newsletter...It is innovative, inspiring, motivating and honest...Of course there will be updates on my ministry but this newsletter is way bigger than that...The topics discussed are overdue discussions. Join in on this movement and be apart something that is growing bigger than you and I. Support my ministry and newsletter by clicking here----> 
I really appreciate you and thank you for reading what Summer Jae is writing :) xoxo

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