Friday, May 25, 2012

Are You Playing House?

Besides the Obvious of what God despises regarding two people being together without being married, there are a few other reasons that can hinder or prolong your desire to walk down that isle. Now in this day and age people decide to test the waters out before going there. In a backwards way we have made a wrong seem so right and reasonable. Like for example: sleeping with the person to make sure you will be satisfied when married..Backwards, living with that person to see if you guys can live together...Backwards....I have made these mistakes and it is BACKWARDS.. My opinion only :) When you decide to say let's just commit to each other that is just taking a step towards getting to know this person you are thinking about going further with. A chance to create a bond, relationship, and a friendship etc. When we do things BACKWARDS we kind kind of do the walking without crawling saying. We take away everything that is so special about the possibilities because we didn't save the best for that moment....And if that person is not the one then both parties have given up something that becomes more and more tainted and less special every time you gamble. Click Here to read If your playing house

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