Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer J.A.E. :) "Eyy" Video Shoot Pictures!!

On set of my video shoot for my New Single "Eyy" Directed by Giancarlo Loffredo, filmed by CREATE-A-LYFE VISUALS & Mupalia Pictures and Photo's taken by RICHART PHOTOGRAPHY:) 

Can you say YAY!!!!! I am so grateful to God for everything:) Okay so on 9-4-10 I shot my video for my new single "Eyy" off my new album "J.U.S.T. M.E. which is due to be released in November:) I really enjoyed the experience! At first we thought we were going to get rained out but I mean it is Hurricane BUT GOD:) SAY IT WITH ME>>>BUT GOD had something else  planned...When I arrived I was a bit nervous..But I just had to get it together and do the darn thing:) It was a beautiful HOT day!!! every time the director said cut i was drenched and constantly wiping my sweat Then when i hear roll camera..i had to get back into character:) But This is only the beginning! I am releasing my Album In November...I'll tell you more about that later:) But i don't want to say too much..don't want to give the video away:) I really appreciate all the support and everyone who came out to the video shoot!! Well I gotta go now:) Thank you for reading what Summer Jae is writing! xoxoxoxoxo

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  1. Im am soo proud of you. Now all you need to do is to grant " The Next era in Journalism" an Interview