Monday, August 30, 2010


So yesterday I blogged my Sunday Thoughts and if you read it you already know what I was going through. Pity Party was about to happen......But was CANCELLED:)
I am feeling a little better but not 100%. So as I went on with my night I just couldn't shake the feeling and the discomfort in my stomach. I am not with fever nor stuffy with a headache. Thank God! My throat is feeling better but i am still wondering what is the problem. Maybe it is something I ate i asked myself....Then it dawned on me.....  I am not really treating my body the best:( Maybe this is a weird kind of payback from all the late night eating, lack of consistent workout, not enough water/vitamin intake, and any other abuse I have done to my wonderful temple that God has given me...Then I heard a voice (Yes a voice all spiritual) say I challenge you...It said I challenge you to challenge yourself to have the most fulfilling life you can! Meaning Purging yourself of all the waste in your life! This challenge is called "The Purge Of A Life Time" I have so much to purge:) So let me start slowly:)

 My 1st Challenge is the Summer JAE REMIX!! I am going to lose 20lbs in 2 months...Now don't get it twisted I love me and I LOVE my Body! I just want my temple to be at it's best! I HAVE to do that for my family and for me. I love LIFE...SO I want to push myself to see how much my body can take:) Then keep it and stay consistent with it:) I am tired of regretting my meal after eating it knowing it ain't no good for me:) People are dying left and right from strokes, diabetes, and other stuff relating to something that could have been prevented if we just cared a little more! Starting September 1st until November 1st I will Challenge Myself to this 1st challenge....Feel free to join me:) Leave me a comment if you decide to join me:) This is for men and women....Choose to see yourself and your body at it's best... I am making that choice RIGHT NOW!! 

After that 1st Challenge......The 2nd Challenge is... A New ME/YOU...Makeover...I will be throwing/giving away 75% of what is in my closet (except and revamping ME in everyway:) 

If you truly know how I feel because you have felt or are feeling the same way Join me and or leave me a comment/Prayers....Something motivating:) I am going to need your help and support!!!! I will be constantly updating my Challenge experiences all of them.....The Good The Bad and The UGLY...
Because People it will get ugly:) Pray for me:)



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