Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Be Sexy Without Being Naked......

How To Be Sexy Without Being Naked

Imagination Increases Intrigue

Showing too much leaves little to the imagination. Imagination is sexy. Sex appeal is 50% of what you got and 50% of what people think you’ve got. If showing off everything, then is it really even worth having? The guy is always going to talk and be interested in the girl who is only showing off her best feature before the girl who’s showing everything. Why? Because the girl showing everything has made herself overly available. If anyone can have you, then why should he want you? Not everyone can make him use his imagination. Be the kind of girl that makes his mind wonder. 

Trying Too Hard? He Can Tell

There’s nothing sexier than confidence. It’s the best accessory. It’s also something you can’t fake. No matter how little your clothes are, no matter how much you’re showing, it’ll never be as powerful as your confidence. Don’t get confidence confused with attention needy. When you’re desperate for attention, guys can tell. Despair is always evident. Ever gone to the gas station with your hair thrown up with no make up wearing sweats and a man has approached you? It’s because you were being yourself. Don’t force the sexy, just be. Women are sexiest when they’re not even trying.  Moral of the story: Sexiness has nothing at all to do with being naked. It’s all about just being. Most times you need to leave things underneath, so they can wonder what’s beneath it. Wear what compliments you and your body to exude the kind of confidence that can’t be ignored. Sexiness comes from the mind, sex comes from the body.  Anybody can have sex. Not everybody can be sexy. 

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