Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love my Hip-Hop Abs.......


In February 2007, Shaun created Hip-Hop Abs®, a workout program specifically designed to target your abs. Hip-Hop Abs quickly became America's #1 fitness program on TV. Due to popular demand, he's just created the all-new Shaun T's Dance Party Series workouts and Hip-Hop Abs In SPANISH as well as Hip-Hop Abs Extreme. Continuing on the heels of that success, Shaun created a brand-new fitness program called Rockin' Body. Okay so I must thank Shaun for this dvd!!! No I take that back I thank him 2nd...Thank You to my Very close friend Vicki for putting me on. when I started this I fell in love with it and it is the reason for the fit body in the picture above:)  I took a break for a min but I am about to go hard with it again 2x a day:) I am actually about to do a complete make over:) You will see soon..New Look, New Pictures, New Blog.....pretty soon:) God is just blessing me and my family:) okay I'm done:) well thank you for reading what Summer J.A.E. is writing...2fingerzzzz

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