Friday, December 4, 2009

Shoebox by Sergio Mannino Studio

The walls behind the panels stand out thanks to their bright green tone, which is continued in a heavy velvet curtain behind the cashiers’ desk — a floor-to-ceiling sculptural piece mirrored on the storefront display. The center of the store is a seating area and display unit lit by a series of Paolo Rizzatto’s Costanza lamps, which help give the space a homey feel and are also a nod to the world of Italian design, a recurrent reference in all the Studio’s projects. This new design, which has already debuted in South Korea, Vietnam, and Kuwait, will be implemented in all the upcoming locations in the United States and around the world. Shoebox New York—managed by Nexcen Franchise Management, Inc.—is being franchised throughout the US and abroad. Brooklyn designers Sergio Mannino Studio have completed the interior of a shoe shop in New York where the walls are covered in interchangeable panels. Called Shoebox, the shop features over 200 assorted wall panels that can be repositioned within a grid. The brightly-coloured boards are finished with lacquer, fabric or linoleum and can be interchanged with shelving or mirror panels. Two lacquered benches with shelves running down the middle provide further display spaces and are scattered with cushions for seating.

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