Sunday, November 29, 2009



Thanksgiving was amazing for me this year! This year is going down as one of my best ever:) Family is so important. I does not matter if it is extended, immediate, or the Play Play cuz type of thing just as long as it is family orientated:) This year was an extra blessing for me. Last year was a little rough and I was going through a storm that felt like a Nor'easter!! But God delivered me. Yup Last year this time God decided to put my faith to the test. Now He is always testing us and turning up the heat to see our reaction. Do we praise and pray? Do we complain and crumble? Do we continue to believe or lose faith? Well I continued to praise, pray, cry, and with the strength of God, my husband, and family I was delivered:) I was tricked into having a pity party but I was the only one who showed up so that was not cool BOOOO:( After praying myself through....My pastor and church praying for me:) I was armored and ready for battle!! Thank you God!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Victory was MINE!!!! So Getting back to the eating....I was the chefs helper:) My mother(other mother:) in-law) was the head chef:) It was truly like soul food!!!! Like around 20 ready to eat!!! What a great time we had:) PEOPLE******Please value your family that you have life is too short to regret and hold grudges:) God will work it out for you like he did for me:)
Thank you for reading what Summer J.A.E is writing....God Bless!!

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