Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WE ARE ALL REACHING FOR SOMETHING:) What are you reaching for?

I was on a site and I saw this and thought WOW how true that is:) We all have to keep reaching no matter what:) You see noone can take what God has for you :) But it starts with these simple steps...Ask, Then BELIEVE, and YOU shall recieve! Keep pushing for what you want in life...If you don't seek then you will never find:) After you read this just take a min out to thank God for all the little things like life, health, and strength:) Sure you may be going through something right now but your breathing:) That is a true gift in it's self. Also put what you want before God and thank Him for what is already done:) Just remember God does things on his time not yours. However God is always on time:) He is never late!!! Just have FAITH that it is already done!!! Muah:)

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