Wednesday, June 17, 2009


OKAY!!! So one night I was channel surfing and I came across Pastor Kerney Thomas. 
I started to change the channel and then this weird loud horrible shriek caught my attention. 
He was screaming and claiming that his Red Blood of Jesus Prayer Handkerchief can change your life.
If I'm not mistaken Only God can do that!!! I look at him and see nothing but a BIG FAT PHONY!!!!
I thought making a donation was of your choice.....I mean you decide what you want to donate right? Everyone knows that when paying your 10% that's none negotiable...however you donate what you can. Below is what he suggests...

Yes, I want you to use your FAITH NOW and sow a faith seed offering of either $20, $50, $100 or more. Whatever you do make sure it is a sacrifice because the greater the sacrifice the greater the miracle that God will perform for you. There is a special AGREEMENT PRAYER that God instructed me to pray for you when I receive your faith seed offering. Now I am aware that people use oil's and a variety of things however there is no anointing there....THE SPIRIT KNOWS

What if I only had $5.00 or $10.00? Am I to be denied? Since when did God make an agreement with Pastor
Thomas? We will all be judged by God!!! God did say beware false prophets.......BEWARE!!!

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  1. Yooo I hate his "GOOOOOD" its so annoying